1. Anonymous said: i think the nagisa you mentioned in that post might've been me actually;;;; (too shy to come off anon though ahaha)

    Oh wow, are you serious?? Listen, you were the cutest effin’ thing I saw all day! Ugh, this is so cool. I really regretted not complimenting you at the time, so I’m suuuper glad I got a second chance! ^_^

    Do you do a lot of cosplay?

  2. Anonymous said: i think i may know who the nagisa cosplayer was that you mentioned in your post....was she tall?^^

    Uhhh, well, I’m a shrimp, so pretty much everyone looks tall to me. ^^; This Nagisa was wearing that jacket outfit from the Splash Free ED. Y’know, the dancin’-in-the-gas-mask-club outfit?

  3. littleblogthing said: Happy birthday!!

    Thank you very much! And now (because I’m so late) the birthday is 100% officially over, and I can stop spamming all you lovely people. Y-yay!

  4. Let’s just say that I spent way too much money today. Let’s not try and calculate it or anything. Let’s just… let’s just focus on the positives:


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  5. rachelhirosue said: Happy birthday to youuuuu!! 🍰🍰 ^-^

    Thank yooouuu! I spent some of it replaying Sora stuff, so you know it was a good day. ^_^

  6. happy one year older


    Why, thank you! No one’s ever arranged dancing penguins for my birthday before… ^_^

  7. kanacchi:

    Happy Birthday, sonnet009! I know I’m a little late posting this, but just the same. It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to do for your birthday, and I thought I would return the favor by writing you a fic. I apologize in advance for my Aiba characterization I haven’t played any otome all summer so I might be rusty. ;A; I hope you ejoy it just the same.

     ”What have you got there?”

    "A present for Mommy!" Those chubby little fingers lift a paper mache rose toward him, and her lips peel back in a proud smile. "I made it myself in class, Daddy!"

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    Noel… this is so beautiful. I mean, you’re kind of a terrible person for doing this to me, but… god help me, I loved it.

    And I’d say your Aiba was spot-on, so no need to worry about rusting! Seriously, this is such a gorgeous fic, and there’s no way I deserve it. Thank you.

  8. dragonduchess13 said: Happy Birthday! May you have an awesometastic day! ^.^

    Cheers muchly! And I did, indeed, have an awesometastic day. ^_^

  9. blackpsychelock said: Happy Birthday! ☆*・゜゚・*\(^O^)/*・゜゚・*☆

    。◕‿◕。  Thank you!

  10. Anonymous said: OOOOH, congrats on birthday! Hope you have a great year! -A loyal stalker of your blog.

    Cheers, anon! That’s very sweet. ^_^ Wish you’d tell me who you are though~