1. Happy Birthday, romancingpixels!

    Happy Birthday, romancingpixels!

  2. Thank you, msysh! ^_^


    ► name ➽ Sonnet
    ► birth place ➽ Essex, UK
    ► where do I live ➽ Essex, UK
    ► hair colour ➽ Brown
    ► eye colour ➽ Hazel
    ► birthday ➽ 24 July
    ► gender ➽ Female
    ► lefty or righty ➽ Righty
    ► single or taken? ➽ Single
    ► happy? ➽ Right now? Yeah.


    ► are you in love ➽ Not with anyone real.
    ► do you believe in love at first sight ➽ Nah.
    ► who ended your last relationship ➽ Me.
    ► have you ever broken someone’s heart ➽ Maybe? It’s possible.
    ► are you afraid of commitments? ➽ Of all varieties.
    ► have you hugged someone within the last week? ➽ Only family.
    ► have you ever had a secret admirer ➽ Yeah.
    ► have you ever broken your own heart? ➽ I’ve made bad decisions, if that’s what this means.
    ► do you usually spend valentines day alone? ➽ Yeah, or with friends.
    ► short or long term relationships? ➽ Long-term.


    ► love or lust ➽ Love.
    ► lemonade or iced tea ➽ Iced tea.
    ► cats or dogs ➽ Dogs.
    ► a few best friends or many regular friends ➽ A few best friends.
    ► television or internet ➽ Internet.
    ► Pepsi or coke ➽ Coke.
    ► wild night out or romantic night in ➽ Romantic night in.
    ► day or night ➽ Day.
    ► text or call ➽ Text.
    ► make-up or au naturel? ➽ Au naturel.


    ► been caught making out? ➽  Yep. …By my dad and his friends. *hides face*
    ► fallen down/ up the stairs? ➽ So many times. ;_;
    ► wanted something/ someone so badly it hurt? ➽ I seem to remember something like that…
    ► prank called a store? ➽ Never.
    ► skipped school? ➽ Yeah. Sixteen-year-old me hardly ever stayed at school for a whole day.
    ► wanted to disappear? ➽ Yeah.
    ► spent all your money? ➽ Yes. (Don’t do it, kids!)
    ► met a celebrity? ➽ I once had dinner with an extra/stuntman from LotR. So… no. ^^;
    ► been really ill? ➽ Not, like, seriously ill.
    ► gotten high? ➽ Yeah.


    ► smile or eyes ➽ Smile.
    ► light or dark hair ➽ Dark.
    ► shorter or taller ➽ Taller.
    ► hook-up or relationship ➽ Relationship.
    ► funny and poor or rich and serious ➽ Funny and poor. I guess.
    ► Mac or PC? ➽ PC.
    ► city or country? ➽ City.


    ► last phone call? ➽ My mum, checking I was keeping my house clean. ¬_¬
    ► last song you listened to? ➽ Lucky Strike by Maroon 5.
    ► last thing you ate? ➽ Cookie dough.
    ► last thing you drank? ➽ Water.
    ► last place you were? ➽ My college in London.
    ► last kiss ➽ Like, a kabillion years ago.
    ► last picture you’d taken? ➽ A Google Maps map, for reference.
    ► last outfit? ➽ A pair of jeans, flowery tanktop, and black cardigan.
    ► last purchase? ➽ A truck-load of otome!

  3. ;_; Is it really here? Has it really come? The day when I finally get the ojisan game I’ve been waiting for?

  4. nadeshikoshiraishi:

    So, I recently started a new semester in University and one of my classes is Introduction to Women Studies. We recently watched a documentary called “Tough Guise” that talked about men, violence and the media.

    It begins by talking that boys learn early on that they have to behave in a certain way in order to be considered a “real man”. They have to be strong, tough, in control, muscular, intimidating, etc. in order to be considered one and if they don’t fit this bill, then they’ll be called “unmanly”, “wuss”, “wimp” and other words with a much for offensive meaning which I’ll refrain to say. The fear of being an outcast and being called these names keep boys and men locked into this narrow box and as a result, they try to conform to this idea of what a guy “should be” as a survival mechanism.

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  5.  -Haru!
  6. Anonymous said: What apps do you have on your phone? :0 I imagine a lot of otome ones. *Wink wonk.*


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  7. jeantownsend:

    So… Christmas is early, but you only get half of your presents.

    Now that I’ve completely recovered from my illness, I’ve realized that there’s no way I can finish Guen 2 by the end of the year like I’d hoped. So I’ve gone ahead and uploaded the first half (scenes 1-7). Sorry for the lack of narrative closure, but I hope you enjoy what’s there. I’m still working steadily on the second half, just don’t know how long it will take.

    You heard it here first. Unless you’re on the CoG forum, or following someone who is, in which case you maybe heard it here second. Anyway. I’m going to put a post on the newarcana blog tomorrow probably.

    The link is still the same. Thanks, as always, for playing! Feedback is very much appreciated.


  8. Anonymous said: Hello, I noticed that Aloners appears almost finished but I was wondering if there was a estimated release date. I only ask because DA:I is coming up around the corner and I'm hoping the release dates don't clash because otherwise I'm going to have a super hard time deciding which one to play first >.< Please don't make me have to pick! D:


    Hi there!

    Okay, first of all: Wow. Like, WOW. That you would even possibly maybe consider it a toss-up between Aloners and DA:I is, like, the most amazing compliment I can imagine.

    Secondly, I don’t want to go throwing around release dates I can’t stick to. But! I will say that the current schedule tentatively — TENTATIVELY — says Aloners should be ready in early November, before DA:I. Of course, anything could change — the testing period may need to run longer, meaning a later release. I don’t know yet.

    But, believe me, I’m also hoping to get this game out there before it’s time to go back to Thedas. Fingers crossed!

"That was the best!"
    "That was the best!"

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  10. Yep. This is the guy I&#8217;ve been pining for.

    Yep. This is the guy I’ve been pining for.