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8/31 - Happy birthday, Ryuzo! /o/
Also to IYAT’s Genji but no time or internets to draw both cries.


    8/31 - Happy birthday, Ryuzo! /o/

    Also to IYAT’s Genji but no time or internets to draw both cries.

  2. Tagged by otomesweetheart. Thanks, Tomey! I think I’ll restrict this to otome games only, because otherwise the list will be all over the place. ^_^

    1. In Your Arms Tonight
    2. Tokimeki Memorial Girls’ Side 3
    3. Sweet Fuse
    4. Metro PD
    5. Yo-Jin-Bo
    6. Scarlet Fate
    7. Kiss of Revenge
    8. Dandelion
    9. First Love Diaries
    10. Regency Love

    Not tagging anyone again. Sorry! My brain is mush right now.

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    The parallels just keep adding up ;u;

  4. (Tagged by: mrskatsuragi — thank yooou!)

    Rules: Just insert your answers to the questions below. Tag at least 10 followers.

    Name: Sonnet

    Nickname: Sonri (does it count if only one person calls you that? ^^;)

    Birthday: July 24

    Gender: Female

    Sexuality: Bisexual

    Height: 4’11” (*sigh*)

    Time Zone: GMT

    What time and date is it there: 7:37pm, August 28, 2014.

    Average hours of sleep I get each night: Fluctuates between 5 and 7, usually

    OTPs: MC/Aiba, Rin/Haru, Rei/Nagisa, Carth/Revan (the list goes on and on and on…)

    The last thing I Googled: Uh… probably a word I needed spelled for me. I always use Google as a quick dictionary.

    My most used phrase(s): “So, that’s a thing.” / “…Or something like that.” / “Heh.”

    First thing that comes to mind: I really need to finish watching Lovely Complex, ‘cause I’ve been stuck at this one angsty stage for nearly a month now.

    What I last said to a family member: “Have a good daaaay. Byyyyye.”

    One place that makes me happy & why: This sofa. It’s just got it all.

    How many blankets I sleep under: One big duvet.

    Favourite beverage: RC Cola (shame I can only get it in the States -_-)

    The last movie I watched in the cinema: The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

    Three things I can’t live without: The internet, my best friend, and video games!

    Something I plan on learning: More of the same, really. More Japanese. Better teaching techniques.

    A piece of advice for my followers: Uh… I’m not really a good person to give advice, but… um. Have faith in yourself. Find your talent, or that thing you really want to do, and work hard at it. Don’t waste time telling yourself or other people about its faults. Let it speak for itself.

    I’m totally breaking the rules and not tagging anyone. Sorry. I’m just starting to worry that I’m being a bother. ^^;

  5. No fair! Coach me, too!

    What a pain.

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    ¬_¬ ¬_¬ ¬_¬

    nadeshikoshiraishi replied to your post “Tagged by Shiko!”

    I see Canada isn’t on there. I see how it is.

    W-well… we’ll be seeing each other at Otome Road, won’t we! (Also, I totally forgot to mention Canada! I’ve already been to Toronto and Calgary… Airports. Briefly. I’d love to stay longer than an hour… and actually get out of the airport. Ahem. ^^;)

  7. Thanks, nadeshikoshiraishi!


    1.Name: Sonnet
    2.Birthday: July 24
    3.Favourite number(s): 4
    4.Height: 4’11” (don’t say a word ¬_¬)
    5.Talents: Writing, acting, uh… predicting what’s gonna happen next in a movie?
    6.Can you juggle?: No way.
    7.Art/Sports/Both: Art.
    8.Do you like writing?: Of course!
    9.Do you like dancing?: Uh, if I’m alone, I like dancing to my iPod. Does that count?
    10.Do you like singing?: Oh, definitely! Don’t need to be good at it to enjoy it. ^_^


    1.Dream vacations: Walking holiday in Peru, going back to the US, doing a round-Japan trip, going to PAX again.
    2.Dream guy/girl: I guess… someone who has a standout talent. Someone I can feel really proud of.
    3.Dream wedding: A small, private, quick ceremony somewhere outdoors and beautiful. Then a larger party back home to keep the family happy. With enough money left over for a sweeeeet honeymoon.
    4.Dream pet: I will never stop asking Santa for a horse.
    5.Dream job: Video game writer.


    1.Favourite song: Right now it’s Wrecking Ball by Crooked Fingers (not the otherWrecking Ball).
    2.Favourite album: Right now it’s Off the Grid by Abney Park.
    3.Last song you have heard on the radio: Locked Out of Heaven by Bruno Mars
    4.Least favourite song: Locked Out of Heaven by Bruno Mars OMFG RADIO PLAY SOMETHING ELSE
    5.Least favourite artist: I can’t pick just one terrible, overrated, repetitive pop baby. 
    6.Least favourite album: I have no idea for this one.


    1.Guys/Girls/Both: Both. All. Everyone.
    2.Hair colour: Don’t mind!
    3.Eye colour: Bright-coloured eyes are amaaazing.
    4.Humorous/serious: Humorous, with the ability to know when to switch themselves off. Ahem. 
    5.Biggest turn off: Even the barest hint of misogyny or homophobia or… yeah. Any of that shit.
    6.Biggest turn on: A… uh. A bit of age? Gimme someone who looks like they’ve been around the block a few times. Y’know?

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  8. nadeshikoshiraishi:

    Kodonomae’s Main Story is now available on Scarlet Fate’s pay per route app!