1. Our School Love

    The first (if I’m not mistaken — I’d love you to correct me, internet) English-original otome drama CD, Our School Love is a series of cute, high school dating-themed situation stories starring the three guys above.

    Popular Lee is Mr. (Not So) Suave. Rebel Jayden is the tsun-est tsun that ever tsun’d. And geeky Scott is a ball of adorkableness. So, basically, there’s someone for everyone!

    Honestly, it can be extra embarrassing to hear such romantic, otome-y lines in English, without the awkwardness buffer of simply reading it, or of hearing it in Japanese. But I think that’s to be expected of anything new like this, and the awkwardness is totally outweighed by how cute everything is. In the future, I’d love to see some longer stories, but — as an English-original drama CD — it’s a great start.

    You can buy any of the three available characters separately for $15 each (run time: 20 minutes approx), or buy the full set for $40 (£25-ish, run time: 1 hour approx). The $40 set also comes with exclusive artwork and three “free talk” tracks — and it’s very interesting to hear from the voice actors!

    If this kind of thing interests you, I urge you to support the creators and buy it here! I truly hope that this is a sign of things to come…

  2. thebunnyofevil:


    Senior Year — an odd time to make new friends, but for you it’s mandatory. As a transfer student to Greenvale High School, you run into what could be the love of your life. You only have one more year and 3 more boys. Better make it count!

    Cylight Studios is now offering Our School Love, a series of Drama CDs featuring three different characters: Scott (CV: Ethan Nakashima), Lee (CV: Jonah Scott), and Jayden (CV: Alejandro Saab).

    For more information, check out our OSL page here!


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  3. Dear otomesweetheart,

    I will never be able to give you anything that comes close to expressing how much I value your friendship. But, if I could give you the real Kasumi, I would!

    I really wanted to write you a fic, but I just couldn’t get the time during the day.  ;_;  So… I thought I could at least appeal to your pun-loving side.


  4. Σ(゜ロ゜;)   N-no!

    Σ(゜ロ゜;)   N-no!

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    WE SHOULD FANGIRL HARD TOGETHER!!!! Shall we start with Sousuke?

    There is no Sousuke fangirling for me anymore. Only sitting in the corner rocking and hoping that whatever that boy’s problem turns out to be he can at least be happy in the end? Maybe? Please? Please, KyoAini, please?

  6. heartraits:

Eyyy Aibaman —- ノ’ ︵’)ノ


    Eyyy Aibaman —- ノ’ ︵’)ノ

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    does that mean lots of fangirling posts? I think I need a side blog to release my fangirling… I almost feel boring now all I do is post sewing things and quietly like Free and Kuro posts

    Well, I’m not planning on going mad or anything. But, like you, I feel like I post very limited things these days and fangirl quietly and not in public about things I really love — like otome and Free! — and it finally struck me that… it doesn’t need to be that way?? I could just, like, try being myself??

    …Eh, I’m gonna give it a go anyway. ^_^

  8. mrskatsuragi said: WOAH!!! YOUR ICON!!!! YOU CHANGED YOUR ICON!!! THIS. IS. IMPORTANT!!!!!!

    Ohhh, yes. Things are going to change around here.

    …Well, no. Just the icon, really. But still. ^_^

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  10. Okay, this blog has become super inactive lately, and I think part of the reason is the fact that I am afraid of alienating each demographic of my followers with posts unrelated to them. So, this is my solution:

    sonnet009games | My game development blog. Follow this for news and anything else related to my released and upcoming games. IF YOU’RE HERE FOR ALONERS AND ALONERS ONLY, THIS IS THE BLOG FOR YOU.

    sonnet009 | aka THIS one, which is going to become more active as an otome/anime/fanfic blog. THIS IS BASICALLY GONNA BE ROMANCE GAMES AND FREE! FOR THE FORESEEABLE FUTURE, GUYS. 

    (I will still post about my games here as well, so if you intend to keep following me, there’s really no need to also follow the game dev blog. Y’know, unless you’re super into double posts. ^_^)